Itunes wont open after updating. windows 7 ultimate

I have been using itunes for perfectly fine then when i updated it, it stopped working. The update required a restart but i elected to manually restart, but i believe i forgot to and tried to open itunes and i got an error saying "iTunes has stopped working: check online for solutions or close program." I restarted my computer but it still doesnt work. ive already tried numerous things like a fresh install (uninstalled every apple program basically). any suggestions?

For general advice see Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.
The steps in the second box are a guide to removing everything related to iTunes and then rebuilding it which is often a good starting point unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach. Review the other boxes and the list of support documents further down the page in case one of them applies.
Your library should be unaffected by these steps but there is backup and recovery advice elsewhere in the user tip.
If you are running 64-bit Windows and the above steps haven't helped try installing the version of iTunes that can be downloaded from this support document. iTunes 12.1 for Windows (64-bit — for older video cards)