ITunes could not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE80007F)

Recieved this error while syncing the IPod classic, however, the IPhone was not connected to the computer, was no where near the computer.
In addition, I had earlier in the day the following error message as well: ITunes could not connect to the IPone "Merci's IPone" because an invalid response was received from the device."  In this situation, again the IPod classic was syncying music, and the phone was not even in the house.
The day previously, I had the following error as well: ITunes could not connect to the IPone because of unknown error occurred (0XE80002D). 
When I called Apple Support, the first person could not find a response or answer to fix or give a reason why this is happening, since he said the last error is normally resulting from when the cable has a connection problem; well the IPhone was never connected to the computer--the IPod Classic was during these incidents.  When a senior advisor came on line, he wanted me to reboot my computer, but I was still in the middle of the IPod Sync of music so that could not happen. Which his answer was, well then call back and talk with a apple support person when it completes--my thought was if the first person couldn't figure it out and required a senior advisor, what is going to happen when I call back--I repeat myself and wait and repeat myself again to another senior advisor and then do some archaic steps to discover they don't know what is wrong?  I am waiting on a few other problems they haven't figured out yet. I am a new Apple user and have had nothing but problems with Apple IPhone, IPad and guess IPod Classic all which I purchased with high recommendations that Apple is better than windows products and Android products.  I am wondering what the **** I got myself into?
Can anyone help me? It is getting frustrating that Apple can not seem to help with any of the situations I seem to be having!
Thanks in advance.

I have had this same issue with my iPhone 4 since iOS 5 was released.  None of the updates has fixed it yet. I'm using Windows 7 Pro (64 bit), and iTunes 10.5.3   I am not encrypting my backups.  I do have my phone set to passcode lock after 1 hour.  When I have enabled WiFi sync in iTunes, I get the error message described in this thread at least once every day.  In the morning, when I first open iTunes, I will have to click this window sometimes 8 to 10 times to get it to finally dismiss and begin the sync process. 
It's apparent that iTunes is hung up whenever this message is present.  It's not downloading podcasts during the night, or performing the WiFi sync while my phone is charging in the other room.  Nothing works until I sit in front of iTunes and click off the error message.  If I am required to do that in order to get the phone to update, I should just plug it in and disable the WiFi sync hassles until/if it ever gets fixed.