Issue with Analysis Office Add in

User are having an issue with Analysis Office and giving the error.
From Analysis Office-> Open workbook->after Login to AO using BW connection
After opened the report ->when refresh the report, getting the error
"An Exception occurred in one of the data sources. SAP BI Add in has disconnected
Nested Exception. See inner exception below for more details
Initial RANGE-LOW for customer exit variable ****_EXIT_001 corrected ..
Under details
An exception has occurred in one of the data sources.
SAP BI Add-in has disconnected all data sources.(ID-111007)
We are using BO AO for MS Office Add-in 1.4 SP3 in BO server.
Please let me know the reason for this error and how to fix this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Krishna,
           Thanks for the reply.  The Sales office field is directly mapped  in the transformation and does not have any routine. Its the Key field.
The Billing Document Condition infocube is being feed by the DSO '2LIS_13_VDKON - Billing Document Condn' and datasource is '2LIS_13_VDKON'.
The Open Orders infocube is being feed by the DSO Document Order item / Delivery;  below which we have another 3 DSO.
1st DSO has the Datasource '2LIS_13_VDITM'
2nd DSO has the Datasource '2LIS_11_VAITM'
3rd DSO has the Datasource '2LIS_11_V_SSL'
The Sales Office 7 has txn records for the month of April & May.
The report built on top of a Multiprovider and the for the months June and July, we have txn records fine for the sales office 01 - 06.
Please help me, if i am missing anything here and make me to understand better.