IPhone 6, Unknown Error 56, RED iTunes logo, stuck in recovery mode, won't restore, ios 8 - 8.0.2 update fail!

I just got my new iphone 6 and it was on ios 8 and everything was working fine i guess, i decided to download ios 8.0.2 as it was a brand new phone and i wanted the newest software on it to fix all the bugs just incase i had them.
i started the update process from the phone, and before the update was complete, i'd say 80% or so along the way, the phone goes into recovery mode displaying a red itunes logo and the cable on the screen.i tried all the suggestions out there and even googled and youtubed to try and find a solution with no luck. even did a few searches on this forum as this is the place i usually come to get most of my answers.
here is what i did in attempts to fix this.
tryed restoring through itunes on both recovery mode and DFU mode, with both ios 8.0 and ios 8.0.2 files.
let itunes re-download the update file just incase i had gotten a bad copy the first time around, tried with that
used 3 different computers, 2 macs and 1 pc
switched usb ports
unplugged all other usb devices
updated itunes and OS
always kept getting the mysterious "unknown error 56" msg searched all over for what that could mean with no luck. the process always seems to stop at the same place, and the second i unplug the phone, it jumps right back into recovery mode with the red itunes logo. if i were in a place that had a genious bar i would've gone there.
i need help fixing this problem please also i'd like to report this error to apple, really wanna do my part to help by reporting at the very least, so also if someone could tell me how to go about doing that, this is just sooo frustrating
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello MCMariah,
any news for your iPhone 6 issue about unknown error 56? please let me know cuz i have the same problem on my iPhone 6 too.
i tried everything searching on internet but no luck to solve the issue.