Invalid Sibling error

Last night my macbook would turn on, show the only gray apple logo and just turn off. I checked my mac with leopard DVD and did a disk check. Results of disk check showed "invalid sibling link". So, I tried to find a solution in appleforum. Fortunately, there was a good way to solve this problem. Starting with safe mode, unmount the current drive and fix the disk with "fsck_hfs -r /dev/disk0s1". But, this command did not work. It came up with "cannot fix (mydrive name)". Is there any solution to fix this problem? Do I have to buy a new HDD? Somebody suggest Diskwarrior. Do I have to buy external case for HDD?

Hi chyj7983;
I would not rush out and buy a new drive just yet.
I would try one of to things first. Either use DiskWarrior to repair the directory structure or reformat the drive which create a completely new directory structure on the drive.
One problem with the reformat is that will remove all data from the drive so anything you want later must be backed up first.
If either of these fail or the problem returns shortly after you repair it using one of these methods then it is time to rush out and buy the drive.