Idoc error 51:CODE is not supported by BAPI2017_GOODSMVT_CREATE

I'm doing the file to idoc scenario for inbound Goods Receipt with respect to a Purchase Order.
In ECC 6.0, Partner profile, inbound parameters:
Message Type: MBGMCR
Basic type MBGMCR03-Post Goods Movements with MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT
Released since Release 700
Process Code: BAPI
I've created a o/b structure & mapped only below fields.
E1BP2017_GM_HEAD_01 : BAPI Communication Structure: Article Document Header Data
PSTNG_DATE : Posting Date in the Document
DOC_DATE : Document Date in Document
REF_DOC_NO : Reference Document Number
E1BP2017_GM_ITEM_CREATE : BAPI Communication Structure: Create Article Document Item
STGE_LOC : Storage Location
MOVE_TYPE : Movement Type (Inventory Management)
ENTRY_QNT : Quantity in Unit of Entry
ENTRY_UOM : Unit of Entry
PO_NUMBER : Purchase Order Number
PO_ITEM   : Item Number of Purchasing Document
NO_MORE_GR : "Delivery Completed" Indicator
After idoc generation it is giving status error,
51:Application document not posted
CODE is not supported by BAPI2017_GOODSMVT_CREATE
How to fix this... pls guide on this.

Hi Balaji,
When you are using a BAPI to post the GR then why do you want have an IDOC in between.  You have a standard BAPI to post the GR document and the bapi is BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE.
You can design your custom code in such a way that read the data from the file and pass the necessary parameters to that bapi and moreover whatever parameters you have passed to the earlier bapi hold good for this as well.
But if you are very keen on using the idoc concept then you the following details:-
Basic Type :-  WMMBID01 or WMMBID02
Message Type :- WMMBXY
Process Code :- WMMB
The above combination holds good for posting a GR using IDOC concept.