I have been into my yahoo email on my iphone 4 and in spam inbox i received email from company posing as "Nacha"

I have just recently been into my yahoo on my iphone 4 and in my spam inbox there was a email from a company posing as "Nacha".It stated a transaction i recently had done has been cancelled.There was a link to click on.I do receive alot of spam emails some that i reconise and i am nieve and think spam emails like this wont come to me and i do alot of transactions online.I did click on the link! It took me to a blank white page on in top left hand corner did say the page cannot be found and there was no info asking me to put in any details i automatically deleted the email,I am now worried that because i have clicked on the link could my iphone now be compromised and if i even go onto my ebay app for example and put in my passwords could all my passwords and personal data now be leaked?? Im really worried as i do want to use my iphone for online transactions but dont know wether im safe now! I have rung my mobile provided and they said that its more than likely everything will be ok as i did click on the link but entered no details and it was a blank page but i have read on google that there can be fake blank pages and that scams can secretly collect data just by a click of a link!!!
could anybody help really worried

I wouldn't worry.  Assuming you haven't hacked the phone you cannot have installed any viruses or spyware just by clicking a link in an email.  Sounds like the page you accessed could not be read on the phone anyway, or it was just a dead link.