HTTP 404 Not Found - FLOWS_030000.F

I have an application which i exported (via apex) from a production database. I installed the exported file to development database and workspace. I did take measures to ensure the workspaceid's matched by editing the file, I also ensured wwv_flow_api.set_security_group_id(p_security_group_id=
would be the same by editing the application export file.
I installed the application export to a new schema and workspace without any errors but when I run some of the pages, I'm getting an error of 404 Not found. Upon review of the Apace logs, I see.
HTTP-404 ORA-20001: Package variable g_security_group_id must be set.
ORA-06512: at "FLOWS_030000.F", line 276
ORA-06512: at line 10
I'm not seeing where "FLOWS_030000.F" is looking for g_security_group_id.
Also, on import/install of the application in the new db, I did allow it to generate a new applicationid rather than using the existing one from the script since it was already being used. Both db's are

I did install the app in a new workspace with an auto generated app id the first time without any luck. I then searched the forum on the error "package variable g_security_group_id must be set". This is where I found some responses to editing the export file to ensure the workspace id's will match.
Anyway, I started over, deinstalled the app, took a current export and installed it into a new workspace with a new app id.
The application is the Ask The Expert app with a few modifications. The error "ORA-20001: Package variable g_security_group_id must be set." is coming up when you are on page 41 (When you accept the New Questions Policy) and click the continue button. This should take you to Page 2 (Submit Question) page but it throws the above error. Running debug isn't helpful to me in trying to figure out why the error keeps coming up.
What else can I do to troubleshoot? I can't even run page 2 alone so I'm fairly certain this is where the error is coming from.
Any insight would be very helpful.