How to receive email in SAP SBWP or SO01 ?

I have no problem to configure SAP to send mail out. Now want to configure it to receive mail in SAP Inbox (SBWP/SO01) but not successful.
Found the thread
Receiving e-mails in SAP (from Exchange 2000)
but information is limited.
My system info
a.) SAP = ECC6
b.) Mail server = Lotus Notes
Have done below
a.) Created an SAP ID (testID) with email address
testID(a) in SU01
b.) Configured SCOT to allow for outbound and tested ok. Default domain =
c.) Have configured below parameter based on notes 455140 & 546147
is/SMTP/virt_host_0                         *:25;
icm/server_port_1                           PROT=SMTP,PORT=25,TIMEOUT=180
d.) Have asked Mail Administrator to relay
testID(a) to my SAP server.
a.) In SBWP, send an external email. Work fine.
b.) Use external mail reply to
testID(a), cannot receive in SBWP
According to Mail Administrator, all mail to the domain will be relayed to my SAP server, they don't keep the mail.
I wonder what else I need to configure in order to receive the mail in SBWP.
Please advise.

After set below parameter in RZ10
icm/server_port_1                           PROT=SMTP,PORT=25000,TIMEOUT=180
is/SMTP/virt_host_0                         *:25000;
In SMICM --> Goto --> Services, the Service Name/Port for SMTP will be 25000 with Active status, which I think is not right as the Mail Server can only route to port 25.
So I delete both from RZ10 and change it
icm/server_port_1                           PROT=SMTP,PORT=25,TIMEOUT=180
Now the SMTP service is pointing to 25, but it is not Active. Check trace file, SMICM --> Goto --> Trace File --> Display All , shows below message
[Thr 3599] *** ERROR => NiIBindSocket: SiBind failed for hdl 6 / sock 19
    (SI_EPORT_INUSE/67; I4; ST; [nixxi.cpp    3174]
[Thr 3599] *** ERROR => IcmBindService: You might not have the permissions to bind the service: [icxxserv
[Thr 3599] *** ERROR => IcmBindService: NiBuf2Listen failed for host (rc=-4): NIESERV_USED [icxxserv_mt.
With this setting, I cannot even send mail out.
Refer note 607108 and perform some test
telnet 25
220 Service ready.
mail from:<kent(a)>
250 OK.
rcpt to:<kent(a)>
553 Relaying blocked at this site.
Mail team claimed that they have set the relay or routing, they have set to treat as external domain, and relay to my SAP server whenever the mail server receives mail belong to that domain.
When I send to kent(a), i don't get returned mail but SAP inbox also not receive the mail.
When I send to kent(a), i received a returned mail saying that the domain is not valid.
So I assume the routing is already in place.
Please advise.
pls be noted that  (a) = @