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X. Template Font

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Font's name:X.Template-font-stencil.ttf|deFharo.URL|x-template-stencil-font-p.png
Font's license: Free for Personal Use
Designed by:deFharo
Designer web:http://defharo.com
Designer note: La mayoría son fuentes para usarlas en tamaños display, ideales para componer y diseñar ilustraciones, carteles, posters, afiches o logos tipográficos.

Thank you for your interest in my font :) This font is free for personal use only. If you are interested in commercial use, you can buy the commercial license.

You may redistribute my fonts on your site as long as credit is deFharo the original author more URL.

Donations are always welcome :) Gracias por la visita. Se agradecen comentarios!!

This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY and requires a license for commercial use.

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